VIPR's are an amazing tool, they are a great way to do an exercise with a load but the load is dispersed differently than a barbell or dumbell. It is also a great way to do certain movements weighted that ordinarily you couldn't do with a typical tool. 
1. Squat to Press 12x
Feet shoulder distance apart, sink into hips until you reach 90 degrees (should get a bit lower than pictured, I am dealing with hip mobility issues). Squeeze your glutes at the bottom come back to standing and press straight overhead keeping core tight. 
2. Side lunge to reach 12 per
Take a step to one side, bend into one leg and reach the vipr outside your base of support. Keep core tight and head and chest up. 
3. Straight Leg Deadlift to halo (Rotation around the head) 12x
Keep back flat hinge forward, keep glutes squeezed to come back to standing and bring vipr behind head, back in front back into a deadlift. 
4. Plank pull through 12x
Plank with hands over VIPR, reach across and pull it through, keeping core tight and hips level
5. Sit up with reach 12x
Keep arms extended overhead and using your abdominal muscles bring yourself up to seated position. 
 6. Kneeling "Bazooka"  12per
One knee down, keep glutes squeezed and core tight, bring VIPR down to the side where knee is down and rotate it across the body to rest on the other shoulder.